Chris is very results focused but always stays close to his customers and brings value based solutions that demonstrate a deep understanding of their requirements.”

Terry Heath

I found Chris to be smart, customer focused, and results driven. Chris is well respected in the industry as both a great leader and manager.”

Bob Garringer

Brooklyn´s attention to detail proved instrumental in helping to stream-line how our division conducted business. Her conveyance of those means and methods was performed with the utmost courtesy, confidence and professionalism.”

James Broscheid

Brooklyn Reyes at first sight appears with bright eyes, smile and attitude, and then it remains that way throughout her work day, week and months ahead. She is truly a delight in every way to work with."

Marla Stone

I have known Chris for over 13 years and highly recommend Chris for his Business and Leadership capabilities. Some of the strong skill sets that I saw in Chris over these many years are as follows: 1. Leadership 2. Business accumen 3. Team Building and Managing Teams 4. Driving business results in both Sales and Operations 5. Customer focus 6. Integrity 7. Executing strategies successfully"

Bob Suermann